That is a question that appears quite often when I try to explain what kind of trainings we are running in the Youth Peace Ambassadors Network. And very often it is hard to explain it, as peace education is lots about experiential learning. About living through emotions and “aha-moments” that maybe never came to us before. About reflecting over our automatic responses in this world. My thought in childhood automatic response: not to like people coming from the city X. So I did what I was taught. And this moment when you start to ask yourself: “but why should I…

It was in 2014 when after having worked for a year in a call center I started to look for jobs in my field of studies. I studied International Relations in Geneva and did already an internship in an Embassy. I applied for a couple of months and realized that I probably had to do some more unpaid internships in order to get even considered for a job interview. One of the jobs for which I applied for and got rejected was the Swiss expert pool of election observers.

A few weeks later, I received a scholarship to do a…

One of the human desires is pursuing happiness, and each of us has our unique definition of “being happy”. It might take many stages to become happy, yet one important element would be “Autonomy”.

To be autonomous means to be capable of connecting with oneself (1) and establishing healthy relationships with the surroundings — which includes human and non-human factors (such as nature and animals) (2).

However, our generation is living a stressful life and facing a high risk of having mental illness and suicide, which then prevents us from pursuing happiness. …

Yelyzaveta (Lisa) Glybchenko is a Youth Peace Ambassadors Network member since 2019. She first came in contact with the Networks as a participant of the 2017 training “Alive Peace: Exploring Holistic Approaches towards a Culture of Peace” in Leysin, Switzerland, where she represented Ukraine. Even before participation in the training, Lisa had been interested in peace work both academically and practically, and her interests and impact in the field continue to grow today. Moreover, she is a dedicated artist. We asked Lisa some questions about her work…

YPAN: How does your academic journey relate to peace and visual art?


Hi there, dear reader. Hope you are healthy and doing well in these chaotic days. Most of us need peace, so we do “the best” thing we believe to get it. Some get it in bed (Like John and Yoko did)

some others march at streets.

But some,

lose their lives at battlefields. Is it a choice?

It is a war of powers

governors giving orders

Roger “death”!?

No, thanks.

Days ago, I was talking to a friend about the Nagorno-Karabakh war. I have friends from both Azerbaijan and Armenia. …

This is the story about how and why I became an Interpreter/Cultural Mediator assisting asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in my community.

In the past decade, my community has been significantly affected by the persistent influx of people into Europe via the eastern Mediterranean. Since 2016, the wave of migration to Greece increased drastically consequently putting a strain on the resources available to address the situation.

Nowadays, mechanisms are in place to properly manage the migration crisis. For instance, shelters and temporary accommodation such as hotspots or camps have been created for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants.

I was compelled…

[English version at the bottom]

Desde los 17 años tengo una relación muy estrecha con la comunidad Romaní que vive cerca de la casa donde nací y me crié. Y he tenido la suerte de participar y formar parte de su comunidad.

Era 2006 cuando entré a formar parte de manera más activa. Recuerdo aquellas faldas de tubo largas, poco favorecedoras e incómodas al andar. Y a veces lanzaba la pregunta de por qué no se ponían otro tipo de falda o quizás un pantalón.

Esta pregunta era casi incuestionable, era tradición y era sentimiento de identidad.

Pero poco a…

When analyzing current post-conflict situation in Georgia, it is becoming more and more clear the need of addressing topics like inclusion, anti-discrimination and peace. Especially when we are talking about internally displaced people, more precisely minors, living in ghettos.

Unfortunately, existing reality is quite attempting and more interaction needs to be done in order to recover the situation. When talking about problems, we mean the fact that the youngsters are not provided with any possibilities to develop themselves apart from high schools.

Living as a community in the certain districts of the city, with fewer opportunities, risk is too high…

As Dan Palotta argues in Harvard Business Review “…the best creativity […] comes from a desire to contribute to the lives of others, either by introducing something new that improves the quality of their lives or by showing people that something thought to be impossible is in fact possible. When you change people’s perceptions about what can be accomplished or achieved, you contribute to their humanity in the richest possible way. You give them hope for the future…”.

Have you always searched for a place to express yourself? To understand other points of view? Are you open to learn, create…

“Dear reader,

I hope that you and your beloved ones are healthy and happy during these hard times of the pandemic.

We are all living through a crisis where we all have to take care of our inner peace, to think and empathise, to keep peace around us. And maybe most important we should not harm the environment in which we feel safe and sound. But it gets every day harder and harder since we all have to follow some physical rules and maybe deal with fake news, misleading information and hate speech online. …

Youth Peace Ambassadors

The YPA Network is an informal network of over eighty+ youth leaders and peace builders, from diverse backgrounds working for peace.

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