Another Peace: Peacebuilding and Conflict Analysis Trainings in Tunisia and Germany

Youth Peace Ambassadors
3 min readMar 31, 2024


During the “Another Peace — Training Courses on comprehensive conflict analysis and innovative tools for peacebuilding,” significant efforts have been made to unite diverse organizations in the quest for peace.

Led by Peace Up! from Germany and the Youth Peace Ambassadors Network, the project brought experiences, expertise and participants from France, Spain, Tunisia, and Poland to foster a deeper understanding of conflict dynamics and explore innovative approaches to peacebuilding.

Photo from our first training in Tunisia

The initial training started on September 26, 2023, in the historic Medina of Tunis, delving into comprehensive conflict analysis and uncovering the grassroots-level roots and causes of conflicts. Following this, a the next training was organized in Munich from January 10 to 18, 2024, building on the foundations set in Tunis.

Photo from our training in Munich

Bridging the gap between these two in-person trainings, a series of webinars were designed to reinforce learning and maintain the momentum of the project, but also keep the group together. The webinars tackled crucial subjects such as media literacy, essential for navigating the modern information landscape, and ‘othering,’ a concept crucial to understanding divisions within societies.

Webinar on Othering

Moreover, the local initiatives extended beyond the digital platform, with participants engaging in local actions reflective of the training’s principles. Notably, efforts were full in variety, from Girona, Spain and Tunis, Tunisia which were focused on reducing waste as an act of peacebuilding, to participants from Barcelona working on fostering intercultural dialogue through a meeting at the University.

A photo from local action in Girona

The project also became a platform for enriching the collaborative spirit. Some of the initiatives brought the creation of new project applications. These included proposals focused on media literacy, an exploration of prejudices, and a project targeting work with conflict-affected young people.

“Another Peace” stands as a testament to the power of collaboration across borders and disciplines in the service of peace. The project has not only provided participants with a profound understanding of conflict and peacebuilding but has also strengthened cooperation with European neighbouring countries, illustrating that unity and shared learning can create the way to a more peaceful future.



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