How to participate in YPAN projects and other youth exchanges

Youth Peace Ambassadors
2 min readOct 12, 2022

Hello fellow young people :)

This is Erion Krasniqi and Nino Gabadze — two members and trainers from the Youth Peace Ambassadors Network.

Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (YPAN) is a group of trainers and educators specialized in human rights, conflict-transformation and peacebuilding education.

Our job is to educate future peacebuilders by organizing trainings all over the world.

On a daily basis we discover young people in our communities who have all the knowledge and enthusiasm enough to be participants of projects that we organize BUT they do not know where to start, how to find or apply to those opportunities.

So, together we came up with the idea of holding an online meeting explaining more about these processes and telling about our personal experiences to guide YOU through the steps, help you develop and answer all the questions you have.

We strongly believe in peer-to-peer empowerment.

So, feel free to join us:

WHEN : October 23

TIME : 16:00 CET

WHERE : Online (You will receive Zoom link after you register)

Please, fill in this registration link as places are limited.

See you soon!

Erion and Nino



Youth Peace Ambassadors

The YPA Network is an informal network of 114 youth leaders and peacebuilders, from diverse backgrounds working for peace.