Open Call for participants — We Make Art 2.

Resignification of collective imaginaries through the use of Art as a tool for Human Rights and Peace protection in times of crisis

Youth Peace Ambassadors
6 min readJan 4, 2023

2 to 9 of July 2023 — Evian/France

Looking for: 20 participants
Being residents in one of the partner countries: Spain, France, Germany and Greece.
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Idea is to discover concepts of peace, various forms of violence, conflict, peacebuilding, the culture of peace and human rights.

But also to understand the importance of peaceful social participation with a focus on art as a tool to bring change in local and international communities.

Aaaand we will end up creating a common booklet ‘ Drawing for Peace’ and building 4 really loud local actions in our local communities!

We have created a safe space where we discovered some powerful topics such as human rights and its violations, peaceful conflict transformation, dialogue creation, nonviolent communication and social participation (1st training in Madrid this April).

Then we will learn about artivism (webinar coming in Junne!).

Then, we will start creating a booklet ‘Drawing for Peace’ to raise awareness on human rights violations and other societal issues and organising 4 local activities so we can tell to our world(back home) what we learned and shake some local realities with our art and say (2nd training in France).

If this resonates with you, then please apply.

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The aim of the project is to equip artists with peace-building and human rights education skills to address issues that are a threat to peace, especially in unprecedented times like a war or a global pandemic.


  • To develop an understanding of concepts of peace, peace education and human rights;
  • To explore the links between peace education and art;
  • To develop the competence to design, run and evaluate a peace education activity by using creative artistic tools and methods;
  • To empower artists to express themselves online and in one local event per participant country in order to reach a wider audience;
  • To empower youth to take initiative in times of crises to promote common values and keep the human spirit up through art;
  • To strengthen the YPA network and promote peacebuilding and human rights activities reinforced with artistic tools and methods.

⚠️ This is a project with 2-training activities. By joining you are committed to taking part in both trainings :)

The activities (trainings) will take place in:
- Madrid, Spain— 14 to 21 of April 2023
- Evian, France— 2 to 9of July 2023

Profile of participants

20 participants coming from 4 European countries (5 per country). However, we would not exclude the participation of older participants if they fit the profile of the participants.

The final profile we seek is:

  • People involved in arts, activism, visuals, digital skills or other creative formats;
  • Youth workers and leaders interested to learn more about creative methods used in peacebuilding and human rights education;
  • People who believe in positive changes in their communities; are committed to self-development and are seeking innovative and creative solutions to economic and social problems in their communities;
  • With this project, we will like to make sure that the voices of underrepresented groups in all the partners` societies will be represented and heard. We are aiming to include historically underrepresented minorities, especially people coming from the LGBTQ+ movement or the disabilities associations which are still facing discrimination all over Europe;
  • We will choose participants without discrimination based on gender, religion, thinking, ethnicity or sexual orientation. This will also be addressed at the time of working on the activities, as this will be the opportunity to show this in a practical way and as an example. We will also ensure the integration of the participants in the local, national and international communities.


The training course will be based on the principles of non-formal education.

We will implement the basic elements of non-formal education, such as the education being voluntary, organized with educational objectives, participatory and learner-centred, about learning life skills and preparing for active citizenship, based on involving both individual and group learning with a collective approach, holistic and process-oriented, as well as based on experience and action (we will plan the follow-up activities) and starts from the needs of the participants.

Basically is a peer-to-peer (you teach & learn from others) approach :)


We believe in one thing, the power of peace education and the right for all to have an opportunity. That is why, thanks to the ERASMUS+ scheme, we are able to provide this training for you for FREE.

We will be able to reimburse you for your travel to France to limit established officially for the European Commission in the Program Erasmus+ Guide 2023.

  • If you choose green travel (coming to France by train, for example), we will try to support you with higher reimbursement.

Also, you have to travel from the listed country (there is a good chance that you emigrated, so you can’t travel from your home country. We agree that this is not a fair rule, but it’s not our rule and we are sorry).

When you get selected, we will inform you about specific details, logistics, how to arrive, what to bring etc.

Maximum travel grant we can pay you back for 1st training traveling to Spain:

Travel costs limits:
a) Spain, Germany— 275€
b) Greece — 360€, France — 180€

And a bit about ourselves
Youth Peace Ambassadors Network

The Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (YPAN) is an informal network of 118 young peacebuilders from across Europe who work with and in conflict-affected communities.

The majority of the members of the network are trained on human rights, non-formal education, and conflict transformation by the Council of Europe in the long-term project (2011–2014).

Our Mission: The YPA Network wants to develop a culture of peace by empowering young people, and promoting human rights, dignity, equality, and respect for diversity through education, advocacy, and other non-violent actions through projects at the local and international levels.

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Youth Peace Ambassadors Network France

The activities of the organization focus on 3 main areas: human rights in general, gender equality, and human rights education. The aim of our activities is to raise people’s awareness of human rights, tolerance, equality, racism, discrimination, peace culture, nationalism, and intercultural dialogue. Along with peace work and conflict transformation. YPAN France works with international experts, youth workers, and human rights activists in order to provide a new way to transform society, from local to global.


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Youth Peace Ambassadors

The YPA Network is an informal network of 114 youth leaders and peacebuilders, from diverse backgrounds working for peace.