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Youth Peace Ambassadors
5 min readApr 5, 2024

👧 We are looking for 30 participants from Poland, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Italy and Portugal.

🌳🏡 Venue: Evian-les-bains, France

🗓️ Dates: Arrival on June 16th and departure on 23rd June

Deadline for application: April 14th 2024

⌨️ Link to apply → Apply here


Why does this project take place?

In the situation when armed conflicts are escalating and going on around Europe, where political tensions and violence are becoming more and more present, building future generations of peace builders has never been more important. We see peace education as a key role in promoting peace and stability in Europe, and and this is why we need training on sensitive approaches to peacebuilding and empowerment on how to be community leaders bringing peaceful coexistence.

If becoming a peace-builder and building community by using non violence and other peaceful tools has been something you always dreamed about — this is an opportunity for you!

Participants of the previous training in Evian-les-bains


to equip 30 youth workers, activists, and trainers with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and competences in peacebuilding and conflict transformation, so they can emerge as peaceful leaders and spread their positive impact at the grassroots level.


- Enhance understanding of core peacebuilding concepts such as peace, violence, conflict, peace education, and peacebuilding
- Familiarize participants with the distinction between conflict and violence, as well as using nonviolent approaches and methods
- Build capacity in inner peace techniques such as mindfulness and wellbeing as the core of peacebuilding work
- Delve into the practice of nonviolent communication, active listening, conflict modes and behaviours, and conflict analysis
- Emphasize the significance of mediation, reconciliation, and dialogue as crucial components of peacebuilding
- Facilitate the planning of at least 5 follow-up activities at the grassroots level


We are looking for:

  • 18–35 year old (if you are a youth worker — apply no matter of your age range)
  • who is living in one of these countries: Poland, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Italy and Portugal (you don’t need to hold passport of those countries, you need to live and travel from there)
  • Youth workers or youth leaders that work with youth in their communities
  • people active as trainers or educators in non–formal education, especially within youth organizations and associations
  • young people who believe in peaceful changes in their communities are passionate about issues facing their community
  • people with experience or interest in conflict resolution or transformation, human rights, peacebuilding and youth work
  • able to communicate in English (this the language of the trainings)
  • ready to commit to take part in the 6-days-training & to run local workshop that will be a follow-up of the training.


The training courses will be based on the principles of non-formal education.

We will implement the basic elements of the non-formal education, such as the education being voluntary, organized with educational objectives, participatory and learner-centered, about learning life skills and preparing for active citizenship, based on involving both individual and group learning with a collective approach, holistic and process-oriented, as well as based on experience and action (we will plan the follow-up activities) and starts from the needs of the participants.

Basically is a peer-to-peer (you teach & learn from others) approach :)


We believe in one thing, the power of peace education and the right for all to have an opportunity. That is why, thanks to the ERASMUS+ scheme, we are able to provide this training for you for FREE.

We will be able to reimburse you for your travel to Evian with a limit of:

  • France, Italy— 180 euros;
  • Germany, Poland, Kosovo, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal — 275 euros;
  • Greece , Turkey — 360 euros;

If you choose green travel (train, carpooling etc.), we will try to support you with a higher reimbursement.

Notes of Antoni Lisowski (participant of TOT Youth in Action)

And a bit about ourselves 👇
Youth Peace Ambassadors Network

The majority of the members of the network are trained on human rights, non-formal education, and conflict transformation by the Council of Europe in the long-term project (2011–2014).

Our Mission: The YPA Network wants to develop a culture of peace by empowering young people, and promoting human rights, dignity, equality, and respect for diversity through education, advocacy, and other non-violent actions through projects at the local and international levels.

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Youth Peace Ambassadors Network France

The activities of the organization focus on 3 main areas: human rights in general, peacebuilding and conflict transformation. YPAN France works with international experts, youth workers, and human rights activists in order to provide a new way to transform society, from local to global.

DEADLINE — April 14 2024


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Youth Peace Ambassadors

The YPA Network is an informal network of 114 youth leaders and peacebuilders, from diverse backgrounds working for peace.